Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Available for Full-Time Krispy Kremers

Our FSAs help you set aside money for health and dependent care—with the added twist that you also save on taxes.

Flexible spending accounts a great way to save for expenses you know you’re going to have—like dependent care and health care. With these accounts, you figure out how much you want to contribute for the year, and contributions are made from your paycheck before taxes are taken out.

When you enroll, you’ll receive a debit card from Flores, our FSA vendor. You can use your card at the time of purchase to pay for things like prescription drug and doctor visit copays, or you can pay out of pocket and submit your receipts to Flores for reimbursement.

With FSAs, you need to plan carefully. FSA dollars do not rollover from year to year like HSA dollars do, so you’ve got to use everything you’ve set aside each year.

Health Care FSA (General Purpose)

You can elect to have a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (General Purpose) if you enroll in the Kreme Filled PPO Plan, or if you do not have medical insurance with Krispy Kreme. This type of FSA can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses like deductibles, coinsurance and copays. In 2023, you may elect to contribute up to $3,050 per year.

Health Care FSA (Limited Purpose)

If you elect the Original HSA plan or the Sprinkles HSA plan, you may elect to have a Limited Purpose Health Care Flexible Spending Account. Although this type of FSA can’t be used for medical expenses, it can be used for eligible dental and vision expenses. In 2023, you may elect to contribute up to $3,050 per year.

Dependent Care FSA

You can use the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for eligible licensed day care, in-home care, elder care, day camp and nursery school (if expenses are for a dependent child, the child must be under age 13). The maximum amount you can put into your Dependent Care FSA for 2023 is $5,000 for individuals or married couples filing jointly, or $2,500 for a married person filing separately. You must re-enroll each year to have your FSA the following year.