Pet Insurance

Available for Full-Time and Part-Time Krispy Kremers

Get ready to wag! Both full- and part-time Krispy Kremers are eligible to elect Pet Insurance. Use any veterinarian you’d like, and save on pricey pet expenses.

If you’re a full- or part-time Krispy Kremer, you can elect pet insurance through Pet Partners to help make paying for your pet’s routine and unforeseen veterinary bills easier on your wallet. To be eligible for the Accident and Illness benefit, your pet must be no older than 10 years. You may elect Accident Only or Accident and Illness coverage.

Here’s a quick comparison of benefits:

Accident Only Accident and Illness
Use any veterinarian Yes Yes
Annual deductible $300 $500
Annual maximum benefit $10,000 $10,000
Coinsurance 90% 80%
Age limit No Age Limit 10 years
Common illnesses No Yes
Serious or chronic illnesses No Yes
Hereditary illnesses No Yes
Procedures or services No Yes
Wellness services No No
Reimbursement percentage Plan pays 90% up to annual maximum Plan pays 80% up to annual maximum

2024 Weekly Paycheck Contributions

Accident Only Accident and Illness
Per dog $2.75 $11.46
Per cat $2.75 $6.35