Educational Reimbursement

Available for Full-Time Krispy Kremers

What could be more irresistible than a chance to get dough back for advancing your education and career?

Full-time Krispy Kremers who have worked at Krispy Kreme continuously for at least a year are eligible to take advantage of our Educational Reimbursement Program. Pick an accredited institution and select a program or course(s) related to your current job at Krispy Kreme to strengthen job-related knowledge, enhance professionalism, and improve opportunities for career development.

We will reimburse Krispy Kremers for qualifying educational expenses. The maximum amount of reimbursement in any calendar year is $5,250. You must receive a C or better for an undergraduate level course and a B or better for a graduate level course to receive reimbursement.

To apply, please complete this form.