Hospital Indemnity

Available for Full-Time and Part-Time Krispy Kremers

A hospital stay is never a treat, but a good insurance plan can help make the bill a little easier to swallow.

Hospital indemnity insurance pays you a lump-sum benefit if you’re admitted to the hospital. In general, you’re paid $1,000 if you’re admitted to the hospital for at least 20 hours, and $100 per day for up to 30 days. That includes a maternity stay.

You can use the lump-sum payment for anything you like—deductibles, coinsurance, a ride to and from the hospital, care for you when you’re home—it’s up to you. And if you leave Krispy Kreme, you can take your policy with you. This coverage is provided through Voya.

It’s a little extra financial help to protect you from the high costs of a hospital stay.

You can initiate a claim by contacting Voya via phone at 888-238-4840 or submitting a claim online.

2024 Weekly Paycheck Contributions

Employee only $2.52
Employee + spouse $5.90
Employee + children $4.29
Employee + family $7.68